Liz Behlke Writes

Writer. Marketing strategist. Personal Historian.

About Liz Behlke

Resume Highlights:

Writing · Memoir, articles, advertising, business documents, plans and proposals, web content, presentations

Skills · Marketing strategy, team leadership, writing, teaching, arts and crafts

Marketing Management · Alaska USA Federal Credit Union, Golden Gate University, Pacific Bell, SBG Partners, Allen & Dorward

Industries · Financial services, higher education, telecommunications, design and brand consulting, advertising

Teaching · Golden Gate University, Alaska Business Week, Sand Lake Science Fair, Camp Sealth

Education · MBA University of Southern California, BA University of Washington

Volunteering · TBA Theatre, Tomo no kai, Sand Lake PTSA

Organizations · AMA, IABC, Scribophile

Done That · Corporate identity · advertising · design management · creative briefs · brand standards · writing · retail location redesign · naming · logos · newsletters · testimonials · budgeting · management · annual reports · web site · AdWords · social media · sign standards · trade shows · events · video · direct mail · email · digital signage · sales materials · promotional displays · regulatory compliance · procedure documentation · vendor evaluation · teaching · planning · presentations · packaging · team building · employee development · research management

On Writing – An Interview With Myself

When did you first realize you enjoy writing?

My sixth grade teacher encouraged me to write a story and she typed it up, leaving room for illustrations. I wrote about two girls who went on an adventure together. Thinking it was important to include lots of detail, I spent an entire paragraph describing each item the girls packed in their suitcases.

Tell that story about your high school writing class.

My teacher got worried and pulled me aside one day after class. All my stories ended with the death of the main character. In fact, the major piece I was working on throughout the semester was a first person account of a death by drowning following the wreck of a small plane. The teacher was convinced I had a death obsession. I told her it was simply the case that I had a hard time figuring out what to do with my characters at the end of a story, so I was writing the end of their story. Since then I’ve found better ways to deal with endings.

Did you ever want to be a writer?

I always thought I’d use writing in my job, but I’ve been pretty pragmatic for as long as I can remember. In college I studied communications and that’s where I got interested in advertising and marketing. Now, as I transition my career, I’m offering my services as a personal historian to help people preserve their stories.

What do you write?

I’ve kept journals on and off since I was a kid. Recently I found a little locked journal, each short entry starting with, “Today I…” Some of the words were so painfully spelled I could barely decipher them. I have several journals chronicling my travels and working through challenging times in my life. When I re-ignited story writing a couple years ago, I began with short memoirs and family histories, taking to heart the common advice to “write what you know.” I’ve also been doing freelance, writing everything from sales materials to blog articles.

What does it mean to be a personal historian?

I feel the most important thing we leave to the next generation is our stories – more than money or stuff. I come from a family of story tellers who enjoy telling and hearing favorite tales around the dinner table. The problem is, most family stories are never written down, so they risk being lost to history. As a personal historian, I help people document their stories so they can be preserved for generations.