Liz Behlke

Writer & Brand Strategist


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Not a rock star. Not a guru. Not a ninja.

I get it. It’s so tempting to want to spice up a resume with evocative terms that imply extraordinary skills. Do you really want a marketing rock star? Or a branding guru? I think not. Don’t even get me started about unicorns.

Not a rock star.

What do we know about rock stars? Talented, yes. Hard working, indeed. At least when it comes to the one thing they do well. But oh so demanding! Here’s someone who requires an entire entourage to make them look good. And they only work two hours a night!

No, I’m not a rock star. Marketing strategy is about substance, not flash. I don’t need all the attention. I’ll be strategizing ways to put the spotlight on your brand and make you shine.

Not a guru.

The guru has a great job. Steeped in wisdom, they dispense enlightenment to seekers of knowledge. I got some of that. I’m smart. I’m experienced. I’ll even own wise. But rather than teaching, for me it’s all about understanding.

My clients tell me they’re impressed with my ability to dig deep and truly know their business. Not how it works, but how people think of it. This means I’m not telling clients what to do; rather I discover how their brand can connect with customers on an emotional level.

Not a ninja.

Let’s think about this for a minute. For the ninja, the whole point is nobody knows what you’re up to. And nobody can find you. Ninjas literally sneak around in the spaces between walls! Not to mention, they throw sharp objects.

Definitely not me. You can always find me, and I’m at my best when we’re working side-by-side on clear and common goals.

If you’d like to know more about how I can help you with your marketing and branding, I’d love to hear from you!

Resume Highlights:

Writing · Memoir, articles, advertising, business documents, plans and proposals, web content, presentations, bios, video scripts

Skills · Marketing strategy, branding, team leadership, writing, teaching, arts and crafts

Education · MBA University of Southern California, BA University of Washington

Done That · Corporate identity · advertising · design management · creative briefs · brand standards · writing · retail location redesign · naming · logos · newsletters · testimonials · budgeting · management · annual reports · websites · social media · sign standards · trade shows · events · video · direct mail · email · digital signage · sales materials · promotional displays · regulatory compliance · procedure documentation · vendor evaluation · teaching · planning · presentations · packaging · team building · employee development · research management · customer interviews

Want to know more about me?

Born and raised in Seattle, I’ve lived in Karlsruhe, Germany; Los Angeles; San Francisco; and Anchorage, Alaska – and now I’m back in Seattle! I enjoy writing for others and thinking strategically about marketing. I’m not a sorority girl. My worst job ever was working at a movie theatre; the best was three summers at Camp Sealth; I’ve experienced a natural disaster, and I may have saved somebody’s life at least once. My Instagram is liquidworkspaces. I don’t stress bake (although I like baked goods), but I do stress sew. I drew a comic a week for more than 60 weeks of the pandemic.