Liz Behlke Writes

Writer. Brand Strategist. Personal Historian.




Photographed by Seattle Portrait and wedding photographer Stevie Rotella Photography in the coveted Sodo 1020 Studios.

I’m a writer and brand strategist with more than 30 years of marketing experience. Serving the world from Seattle, Washington.

Resume Highlights:

Writing · Memoir, articles, advertising, business documents, plans and proposals, web content, presentations, bios, video scripts

Skills · Marketing strategy, branding, team leadership, writing, teaching, arts and crafts

Education · MBA University of Southern California, BA University of Washington

Done That · Corporate identity · advertising · design management · creative briefs · brand standards · writing · retail location redesign · naming · logos · newsletters · testimonials · budgeting · management · annual reports · web site · AdWords · social media · sign standards · trade shows · events · video · direct mail · email · digital signage · sales materials · promotional displays · regulatory compliance · procedure documentation · vendor evaluation · teaching · planning · presentations · packaging · team building · employee development · research management

What does it mean to be a personal historian?

I feel the most important things we leave to the next generation are our stories – more than money or possessions. I come from a family of story tellers who enjoy telling and hearing favorite tales around the dinner table. The problem is, most family stories are never written down, so they risk being lost to history. As a personal historian, I help people document their stories so they can be preserved for generations.

Want to know more about me? 

Born and raised in Seattle, I’ve lived in Karlsruhe, Germany; Los Angeles; San Francisco; and Anchorage, Alaska. I enjoy writing for others and thinking strategically about marketing. I’m not a sorority girl. My worst job ever was working at a movie theatre; the best was three summers at Camp Sealth; I’ve experienced a natural disaster, and I may have saved somebody’s life at least once. My Instagram is liquidworkspaces. I don’t stress bake (although I like baked goods), but I do stress sew. If you’re really nice, I might crochet you something.