This is one of the stories I wrote for Rich Tyas at Tangent Construction.

Imagine a pair of teenagers getting ready for school each day in one bathroom with a single pedestal sink. Then ask them to share that bathroom with their grandmothers when one of them is in town.

“It just wasn’t going to work,” said Tiffany, the kids’ mom. “The older they got, the more they were in each other’s way.”

Tiffany and her husband Tucker knew who to call when it was time to remodel the bathroom in the west wing of their house. Rich and Tangent Construction had completed their master bathroom remodel, including the installation of the open rain shower the couple is still bragging  about. Tangent had been brought in to finalize the job when the original contractor was unable to satisfactorily do the work.

When Tiffany and Tucker bought their century-old Prairie-style Madrona home, it had been lovingly maintained and updated. So the remodels were driven primarily by usability and design. They were looking for a clean and classic look that combined a touch of modern with simple Shaker lines. The master bathroom remodel gave them a relaxing oasis. The kids’ bathroom demanded practicality, privacy, and flexible use.

A very impractical steam shower was replaced with a private shower nook that allows one sibling to clean up without blocking bathroom access to the other. A trough sink in an ample marble countertop allows for tandem tooth brushing in front of the wall-to-wall mirror. And cubbies keep personal supplies organized. The grandmothers can be pampered with a toasty towel warmer.

With the bathroom planned out and construction ready to begin, Tiffany and Tucker saw an opportunity to create a more inviting guest suite as well. With Rich’s help they expanded the project to add a wet bar and finish a closet in the guest room. The wet bar includes a mini-fridge, farm sink, and wall-mount television.

“Rich is so flexible and creative. When the scope of the project changed, he was not flustered for a second,” said Tiffany. “He knew what needed to happen to make it all work, and took care of every detail.”

A favorite feature of the new bathrooms is the tile work. Rich’s connection with the area’s most experienced craftsmen means specialty work is completed beautifully and skillfully. Tiffany recalls the marble installers pausing to admire the aesthetic of the freshly completed tile.

“We got exactly what we dreamed of,” said Tiffany. “Rich made our vision a reality. He was so pleasant to work with. We truly benefitted from his lifetime of structural experience as well as his artistic eye.”