I wrote this article for SeattleMet magazine to introduce Coopers Optique.

Eyeglasses: The Only Fashion Accessory That Matters These Days

Zac Cooper didn’t set out to open an optical shop in the middle of a pandemic. But it couldn’t be more perfect. If you spend enough hours watching yourself on video calls, you soon realize nothing is more central to today’s wardrobe than an expressive pair of eyeglasses. And when you venture out with only your eyes peeking out from behind a mask, you need something stunning to enhance your smize (Those smiling eyes!).

New to lower Queen Anne, but not to the optical scene, Coopers Optique has already established itself as a playground for fashion-forward clients in search of style and inspiration. Prepare to be amazed when Zac introduces you to frames that defy imagination in every conceivable shape, texture, and material. Some of the designers he represents can’t be found anywhere else in Washington. For a truly one-of-a-kind look, you can design your own spectacles with a palette of shapes, colors, materials, engraving, and bling. 

Imagine having different frames to express each aspect of your personality. Zach has a gift for finding the right match for his clients, and once he gets to know you he’ll always be on lookout for your next great image statement.

A Love Letter to Seattle

Zac grew up in Nebraska, but also knew there was a whole wide world out there where he could indulge his love of style. After he and Kevin were married in 2012, they visited Seattle and decided this would be the place to establish their roots and follow their passions. Zac launched his optical career and honed his craft at some of Seattle’s iconic optical shops. Working with discerning clients who shared his love for creative self-expression told Zac it was time to introduce them to a broader world of fashion innovation. 

In 2016 he began to formulate his plans for Coopers Optique – a gallery of eyewear for individuals who want to invest in a look that’s uniquely their own. Kevin and Zac had other big plans as well. They were ready to start a family. Today, if you stop by at just the right time, you’ll be lucky enough to see a little sprite darting around the shop. That’s the beautiful girl who captured their hearts when she came into their world four years ago.

Can’t Stop the Dream

Soon after adopting their daughter, plans for Coopers Optique had to be put on pause. Zac was diagnosed with stage-four kidney failure. But while undergoing treatment, Zac never gave up on his dream. He vowed to do whatever it took to make Coopers Optique a reality. As it turns out, he wasn’t going to have to fight alone. When they got the news that Zac’s life depended on getting a new kidney, it was Kevin who turned out to be the perfect match. With his health restored, Zac has now brought his vision to life with an extra dose of fun and flare. 

If you’ve been trapped inside too long, it’s time to treat yourself to a new pair of specs – or pick out some fabulous sunglasses to style up those socially-distanced walks. Zac treats each of his clients like family, and makes it his personal mission to enhance your stunning face.

Put on your favorite mask and make an appointment soon!