Here’s a sample of content I wrote for Coopers Optique:

Your face is art | let’s frame it!

For style and personality

Coopers Optique is your eyewear fashion consultant – curating a sophisticated array of new, vintage, and custom brands from all over the world. If you’re in search of the perfect pair of funky, unique eyewear or sunglasses, Coopers Optique is where you can truly express yourself.

Your gallery of eyewear

Located in Seattle’s fashion-forward Queen Anne neighborhood, Coopers Optique is a gallery of eyewear; a tribute to eyewear design. An exclusive collection of world renowned brands compliments Coopers Optique’s vision of providing the most outspoken spectacles to discerning clients.

Fit your unique aesthetic

Be prepared to stay a while. At Coopers Optique you’re not just picking out a pair of glasses. You deserve the time and attention Zac gives you to find frames that convey your very best look. You’ll walk away impossibly elegant, with a choice that fits your face, personality, and lifestyle. Ask Zac his honest opinion – he’s never shy about refusing to sell frames that don’t represent you.

Coopers Optique partners with locally-owned lens fabricators in Kirkland, where lenses are created in-house to the most exacting standards.

About: Zac Cooper welcomes you to the family

Welcome to Coopers Optique – your new home for eyewear fun and fashion. My Queen Anne boutique is the Pacific Northwest’s destination for unique eyewear curated from top designers around the world. But I want you to think of it as your personal style shop. Because once I’ve fitted you with a pair of my marvelous spectacles, you become family. Many of my clients return again and again as they evolve their look or collect frames that express different aspects of their personality. Once we get to know each other, I can’t help being on the lookout for your next great image statement.

Midwest roots; yearning for more

Family has special meaning to me, because I’m living proof that the family you choose means as much as the one you’re born into. I was raised in Nebraska by a family who chose me when I was just three months old. They always encouraged me to be myself, and early on I channeled my personal expression through theatre and fashion. As a young adult I realized the world was much bigger than the Midwest and began to yearn for something more.

In 2012 I met and married Kevin, and we began looking for the perfect city where we would begin our new life together. The moment we set foot in Seattle – Lower Queen Anne to be exact – we knew we were home. Being part of such a vibrant, expressive community gave me the boost I needed to pursue my love of personal aesthetics. This launched me on my optical career, and I began my apprenticeship with some of Seattle’s iconic optical shops.

Challenges, surprises, and plans for the future

In 2016, as I was beginning to formulate plans for Coopers Optique, Kevin and I decided to expand our family. We’d been told the adoption process would take time, but it turns out our beautiful baby girl appeared quite suddenly in our lives. As we cherished that moment, fate had another surprise. Plans had to be put on hold while I grappled with a frightening diagnosis of stage-four kidney failure.

We figured it would be best to move back to Nebraska where I could be with family while receiving treatment and my parents could lavish attention on their brand new granddaughter. Remarkably, when the news came that my life depended on obtaining a new kidney, it was Kevin who turned out to be the perfect match. With my health restored and a new lease on life, our little family returned to Seattle where I was more than ready to make Coopers Optique a reality.

Let me help you express your style – and have fun while we’re at it. I’m looking forward to having you join my family of fashion-forward eyeglass connoisseurs!

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